Letter inviting an employee to a grievance hearing

This template can be used to a) invite an employee who has raised a grievance to a hearing to discuss and investigate the alleged incident or b) invite an employee to an appeal hearing, should they have appealed against the outcome of the grievance hearing.

The letter confirms the administrative arrangements (date, time etc) and advises the employee of their right to be accompanied at the meeting.

Associated documents include;

Disciplinary, Dismissal and Grievance Policy

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Contracts of employment

Creating a contract of employment is a serious business, because, once written and issued the contract will become a legally binding document between you and your employee. It is easier to write than it is to change and for this reason you should be VERY CAREFUL to ensure that you think carefully about each question and the consequences of your answer. We will give you lots of help for most questions, and sometimes refer you to our FAQ section for more information. Take your time, particularly when you are completing your first few contracts - exists to help you understand the laws, employee's rights and your obligations. The process of building the contract through the employment contract template is in itself part of that journey. Try it now by looking at our contract of employment FAQ's, a new window will pop up which you can close when you've finished with it.

A contract of employment is not just a legally required document. It should reflect the genuine needs of your organisation – today and tomorrow. It should require the flexibility of employment practices your business needs. It should protect you against predictable (and unpredictable) events, enabling you to deal quickly with employment issues from absence to driving company vehicles. You will only find this level of flexibility and protection in our employment contract template – you won’t get this from any free-vend material from government (or other) web services.

With our standard, fully customisable employment contract template you will be able to create a contract suitable for any employee (from hourly paid staff up to senior manager,) in any sector. It can be configured for full time, part time, temporary, fixed term and even zero hours employment. There is a huge range of variables on offer within the various employment contract templates.

This section also contains letters to offer a new, or an existing employee a new job, as well as letters to amend an employee's contractual terms, withdraw an offer of employment, and to check an employee's eligibility to work in the UK.

You can buy all our documents singly (for use with one employee), but for best value why don’t you entrust your HR needs to us? On line supported or personal services, both come with support, unlimited document access and peace of mind – we’ve been providing these services for a decade, and we don’t insist on multi-year contracts…our customers stay with us because they value our services, not because we tie them in. Contact us on 01628 820515 or email us to discuss your requirements.

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Letter acknowledging and holding a speculative application

This letter should be sent to anyone who has sent you their CV speculatively enquiring about vacancies, and advises them that whilst there are no current vacancies, their application will be held on file for a set time. If your policy is to immediately destroy speculative applications, see Immediate rejection of speculative application.

To address this letter simply click 'Add New Employee' and enter the applicant's details. (Subscription holders - don't worry, they will only be added to 'My Employees' if you tick the 'is employee' box - in which can case you can use their details again, perhaps when you invite them to interview or offer them a job! Otherwise they won't be added to your account permanently so your license won't be affected. )

You will be asked for all the standard employee information - the date fields will not be relevant to an applicant, but as these are mandatory fields in the employee form, they must be completed - apologies.

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Letter suspending an employee whilst disciplinary investigation undertaken

This letter advises an employee that they have been suspended from work whilst an alleged instance of serious or gross misconduct is being investigated. We would not normally suspend an employee to investigate less serious misconduct, or poor performance, as to do so could cause a breach of contract - contact us for advice if you are unsure. A paid suspension while an investigation is underway is on a 'no blame' basis (ie you are not pre-empting or pre-judging the outcome of the investigation), the employee continues to receive full pay, and whilst they should not make contact with colleagues, they must remain available and ready to retun to work at any time.

Please see the free '2 minute guide to investigating a disciplinary case in the 2 minute guide section. The 2 minute guide lays out a typical process in sequence and provides links to all relevant documents needed for investigating a disciplinary case. These are free to our subscribers, who also are able to make use of our advisory service when managing disciplinary and other HR processes. Subscribing to our services is easy, provides peace of mind and cover for all your HR needs. Please contact us to discuss subscription options.

Working Time Waiver Form

The working time waiver form allows your employees to opt out of the 48 hour average working week, i.e. to work more hours.

We expect the opt out to remain in the UK until 2010, although our fellow European governments are consistently trying to revoke our right to an opt out. Note that this form cannot be forced on employees, it must be voluntary. Note also that whilst the form does allow employees to opt out of the 48-hour average week (over a 17 week reference period), it does not exempt all the requirements of the Working Time Regs. If your employees do work more than an average of 48 hours per week (less for young workers) you MUST have a working time opt out form on file for them, or you will be in breach of the regs and liable to be caught out should you be audited.

For convenience we have set the 'opt back in' clause (under which an employee can change his mind about his opt out) to the allowable maximum period of 3 months. This will help you preserve continuity of business where employees change their minds.

For further information see our FAQ's on working time directive.

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