HR outsourcing case study

HR outsourcing case study

Case Study - HR outsourcing in an organisation employing 200

The prestigious Royal Society of Medicine, based in Wimpole Street in the centre of London, employs 200 people across a mix of academic and conference/hotel activities. When the time came the organisation turned to myhrdept and CIPHR to provide a fully outsourced HR solution, replacing the previously in-house function with an outsourced systems-based solution. The CIPHR/myhrdept model introduced the CIPHR system to allow employee and manager access (with myhrdept providing administrator support) and provided a highly qualified HR practitioner for 4 days per week.

"We originally had a small in-house team, looking after payroll and HR, but we decided due to the ever-changing legal and regulatory environment that we would outsource the HR and payroll functions in order to gain a broader resilience in these activities.

This has been a big change for the organisation, but we can now see significant benefit. As our demands of these services change over time, the services provided can be rebalanced to meet the organisation’s needs."

(Quote kindly supplied by Ian Balmer, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Society of Medicine, employing 200 people in Central London)