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News archive

  • 20 Aug 2011
    We’ve been here since 2002, and as such are one of the longest established HR services for small and medium sized companies. 3000 registered users are testament to that! But all is about to change! Click on the title above to find out more.

  • 10 Aug 2011
    What we’ve seen on our TV screens over the last few nights has shocked us all – our sympathies to those whose businesses have been affected (some terminally) by the actions of thugs and hooligans, people who seek to destroy the hard work of others with one hand, while (in many cases) taking state benefits paid for by their victims with the other. But what are the employment implications?

  • 17 Jun 2011
    The government is currently consulting on the possible extension of flexible working request regulations to encompass all employees. What do the current regulations require, and how might these change? Click on the news title above for a summary employer briefing and links to documents for handling flexible working requests.

  • 8 Jun 2011
    From October 1st this year those of our customers who employ staff via a temporary work agency will need to be aware of the implications of the Agency Workers Regulations. In a nutshell, from that date agency workers will be entitled to access job vacancies and facilities; 12 weeks later those still employed in the same job become entitled to the same basic terms and conditions as their permanent counterparts.

  • 3 Jun 2011
    Redundancy dismissals continue to feature on many of our customer’s radars, as redundancy related documents account for nearly three quarters of single document sales on