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News archive

  • 13 Sep 2012
    The government’s latest addition to measures to inspire small businesses to hire new staff have been announced, this time focussing on incentives to reduce the worry of sizeable tribunal awards Click on the red title above to find out more.

  • 31 Jul 2012
    Most national HR providers are based around insurance or legal products and beyond some initial set up activity they do very little with their clients, unless an issue crops up. Now that might be fine, but if all a business wants is a little bit of ad hoc advice and some protection against a potential tribunal claim then it should really look at the true costs and risks to decide whether or not a policy or HR cover is for them.

  • 26 Jul 2012
    A case settled yesterday in the UK Court of Appeal (NHS vs Larner) places further burden on employers. Previously it was thought that workers would have to request that their holiday be rescheduled, but the Larner case has decided that a request need not be on the red title above for the full article.

  • 18 Jul 2012
    Human Resources? Human Remains? Heinous Resources, is how a distinguished academic recently described our industry! The trouble with HR is that most folks don’t really understand what HR should (or could) do. Most small employers think HR is about support with disciplinaries & avoiding inevitable tribunals ( on the red title above for more)

  • 16 Jul 2012
    Many employers will welcome the introduction of fees to be paid by those who wish to pursue an employment tribunal claim. The fees (to be introduced summer 2013) were billed as a mechanism to dissuade nonsense claims and encourage on the red title above for more....