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News archive

  • 3 Sep 2014
    Germany is poised to enact an anti-stress law that would make it illegal for employers to send emails to workers during their free time and holidays. Andrea Nahles, the labour minister, announced her support for the legislation while introducing a study into mental health. Ms Nahles said she had commissioned a feasibility study for a law to protect workers from stress caused by ‘constant contact’ with their bosses via smart phones and other devices. She said “There is an undeniable link between having to be constantly available for work and the rise in mental illness”

  • 29 Aug 2014
    Migrants are being caught in unprecedented numbers, a police union spokesman said yesterday, but they are quickly released, and try to cross the Channel again, often within hours, because border controls in continental Europe have been abolished. Are you ensuring thorough checks are taking place on your employee's right to work documentation?

  • 18 Aug 2014
    According to a recent report, cleaners working in British offices, hotels and public places are regularly subject to bullying, discrimination and under-payment. Almost half a million people work as non-domestic contract cleaners in the UK, in an industry that has an annual turnover of £8 billion. Are you taking the correct action to ensure contract staff, such as cleaners are treated with the same dignity and respect as your own workforce?

  • 14 Aug 2014
    Statistics from the House of Commons library show that since 2010, each year the pay gap has narrowed by 0.3 per cent. With a current difference of 19.7 per cent, it is calculated that it could take more than six decades to achieve equal pay for women. By then more than a century will have passed since the Equal Pay Act was introduced back in 1970.

  • 12 Aug 2014
    The balance is definitely on the side of etiquette rather than law when it comes to choosing whether or not to allow e-cigarettes in the workplace, and the BBC in Salford recently decided that it was not good etiquette for employees to be using e-cigarettes indoors. But with some employees complaining of victimisation, where does the law stand on this issue, and what does this mean for small employers?