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News archive

  • 21 Oct 2014
    The perks available to Silicon Valley staff are already known to be what every employee dreams of. Now, Facebook and Apple are offering female employees something a little different; the chance to delay motherhood by freezing their eggs. Egg freezing is the latest addition in Silicon Valley’s “perks arms race”. Tech companies compete to recruit from a small pool of skilled technology staff and are finding it particularly difficult to attract women. Apple has admitted that only 20 per cent of its engineers are female, and women leave tech companies at twice the rate of men. An Apple spokesman said of its new cryopreservation and egg storage programme “We want to empower women to do the best work of their lives as they care for loved ones.”

  • 16 Oct 2014
    Scientists claimed yesterday that it was possible that Sir Alan’s approach is not the best way to motivate staff. A study in the journal ‘Work and Stress’ has found that verbal abuse from bosses is more likely to make staff lazy and inefficient. With various management styles taking hold of effective working practices, it is important for employers to make sure that they, along with their managers, practice a suitable working style that is not seen as bullying or harassing staff.

  • 14 Oct 2014
    A survey of 10,000 workers revealed more than half thought technological breakthroughs will transform the way we work over the next five to ten years. Employment experts believe that working the traditional nine-to-five could soon become a thing of the past because of technological advances and changes to people’s working patterns. The global report, which surveyed workers and HR professionals in China, India, Germany, the UK and the US, found that two out of five people thought that traditional employment will simply not be around in the future.

  • 10 Oct 2014
    A senior Deutsche Bank executive dismissed for allegedly making lewd references to female staff at the investment bank is now claiming unfair dismissal, stating that he was the victim of discrimination. Konrad Joy, the London-based chief operating officer of the bank’s global risk department until last year, claimed he was fired by the bank because of false accusations of “harassment”. Mr Joy, who earned £1.4 million in his final year, is asking for more than £20 million in compensation as well as his old job back. Deutsche Bank said Mr Joy’s claim was “ludicrous” and asked the London employment tribunal to dismiss the case.

  • 7 Oct 2014
    Business leaders have warned that a lack of formal work experience has left a generation of school leavers unprepared for the workplace. A BCC survey of almost 3,000 businesses found that 88 per cent of employers thought that school leavers were not adequately prepared for work, with three quarters blaming a lack of work experience. However, more than half of companies said that they did not offer work experience placements. Mandatory work experience was removed from the curriculum in 2011 by the Department for Education. Do you think it should return?