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News archive

  • 10 Mar 2015
    Take a look at some recent HR stories, how they could impact on employers, and what myHRdept can do to help...

  • 10 Mar 2015
    Das v Ayrshire & Arran Health Board

  • 4 Mar 2015
    Female bosses of Britain’s blue-chip businesses are still receiving lower pay and bonuses than their male counterparts. A female chief executive at one of the FTSE 100 companies can expect her base salary to be around £33,800 lower than that of a man doing the same job at another big corporation. This article highlights the importance of preventing discrimination when it comes to pay, and how myHRdept can help.

  • 26 Feb 2015
    The Government are to introduce a new scheme requiring anyone who is absent from work due to illness for more than four weeks, to undergo a ‘fit-for-work’ test to clampdown on the “sick- note culture”. The fit for work test will be assessed via telephone by a trained nurse or occupational therapist to establish the worker's physical and mental abilities. What changes could this bring for employers and can a telephone call fully assess a person's physical ability?

  • 23 Feb 2015
    A study has revealed that a staggering one in five employees in the UK are not honest when it comes to stating their real job title. The study conducted by surveyed 2000 workers and were surprised at the large number of people willing to lie about what they really do at work. This article covers why this should be addressed by employers and how to ensure your employees are proud of their position within the company.