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News archive

  • 4 Mar 2016
    Employment tribunals are still a rarer beast than they used to be (since the introduction of fees requiring employees to pay to register a claim), but the compensation awards are on the up for employers on the losing side. With typical legal costs reporting in at £11K (for employers) though, only the awards in the sex discrimination category currently exceed the lawyer’s bills.

  • 3 Feb 2016
    At myHRdept we spend a lot of time helping employers protect their confidential information and commercial interests through carefully worded employment contract clauses. But in the case of Knowles Vs Elldon House Nursing Home, the employer was found wanting when it dismissed Knowles for making a copy of a staff rota. As the Home nurses its £15K compensation injury, wel take the opportunity to review what went wrong.

  • 2 Feb 2016
    A widely reported European Court of Human Rights case (binding on the UK) may have given employers the (wrong) impression that they can snoop at will into employee emails. When employee Barbulesco sent personal messages about his sex life to his fiancée he was surprised to see that his employer was also reading these and regarded this as an infringement of his human rights. The Court disagreed and upheld the employer’s view, but there are some important learning points from this case.

  • 1 Feb 2016
    April 2016 is only a couple of months away and it will see the introduction of a National Living Wage which will apply to all who are 25 and older. For a reminder of all current minimum wage rates, please see the full article.

  • 8 Dec 2015
    Last month we reported that Chelsea FC and Mourinho were being jointly sued for constructive dismissal by their former Team Doctor. Hot on the heels of this case comes another high profile employment legal action against again, both an individual and the employer of the Complainant.