Contracts of employment

Contracts of employment

Creating a contract of employment is a serious business, because, once written and issued the contract will become a legally binding document between you and your employee. It is easier to write than it is to change and for this reason you should be VERY CAREFUL to ensure that you think carefully about each question and the consequences of your answer. We will give you lots of help for most questions, and sometimes refer you to our FAQ section for more information. Take your time, particularly when you are completing your first few contracts - exists to help you understand the laws, employee's rights and your obligations. The process of building the contract through the employment contract template is in itself part of that journey. Try it now by looking at our contract of employment FAQ's, a new window will pop up which you can close when you've finished with it.

A contract of employment is not just a legally required document. It should reflect the genuine needs of your organisation – today and tomorrow. It should require the flexibility of employment practices your business needs. It should protect you against predictable (and unpredictable) events, enabling you to deal quickly with employment issues from absence to driving company vehicles. You will only find this level of flexibility and protection in our employment contract template – you won’t get this from any free-vend material from government (or other) web services.

With our standard, fully customisable employment contract template you will be able to create a contract suitable for any employee (from hourly paid staff up to senior manager,) in any sector. It can be configured for full time, part time, temporary, fixed term and even zero hours employment. There is a huge range of variables on offer within the various employment contract templates.

This section also contains letters to offer a new, or an existing employee a new job, as well as letters to amend an employee's contractual terms, withdraw an offer of employment, and to check an employee's eligibility to work in the UK.

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