Full contract of employment (2017) - office based environment

Full contract of employment (2017) - office based environment

Our fully customisable contract of employment is suitable for employees (all levels up to and including senior manager), and can be configured for full time, part time, temporary and fixed term employment. This version of the contract is suitable for office environments including IT businesses, sales and marketing, contact centres, customer support etc.

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A contract of employment is not just a legally required document. It should reflect the genuine needs of your organisation – today and tomorrow. It should require the flexibility of employment practices your business needs. It should protect you against predictable (and unpredictable) events, enabling you to deal quickly with employment issues from absence to driving company vehicles. You will not find this level of flexibility or protection in any free-vend material from government (or other) web services.

We’ve issued thousands of contracts over the years, and this one is our best yet. You can see the list of variables below. You can buy it singly (for use with one employee), but for best value why don’t you entrust your HR needs to us? On line supported or personal services, both come with support, unlimited document access (nothing more to pay for a year) and peace of mind – we’ve been providing these services for a decade, and we don’t insist on multi-year contracts…our customers stay with us because they value our services, not because we tie them in. Contact us on 01628 820515 or email us to discuss your requirements.

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What can you specify in this, our master contract of employment? This list is not exhaustive!

  • Employment status – full time, part time, temporary, fixed term, zero hours.
  • Location flexibility – general or specific
  • Mobility clause
  • Working away from home
  • Deductions from pay
  • Proof of legal right to work in UK
  • Probationary periods
  • Weekend and bank holiday working – required or not
  • Variable working hours and enforced holiday
  • Sick pay – discretionary or SSP
  • Notice periods – you to employee, employee to you
  • Treatment of employees ‘absent without leave’
  • Severe weather etc. and epidemic absence (unpaid)
  • Medical reports and examinations (agreement not to unreasonably refuse)
  • Phased to return to work (adjusting hours, job, duties)
  • Updated retirement clause
  • Updated discrimination clauses (for Equal Pay Act 2010)
  • Temporary lay-offs (without pay) and guarantee pay
  • Short time working
  • Pension schemes – none or included (with details)
  • Not undertaking 'Cash Work'
  • Health and safety responsibilities
  • Use of vehicle/standards expected and responsibility for fines etc.
  • Annual holidays & Christmas shutdown + Company nomination of holidays
  • Replacement of company property damaged by employees
  • Standards of behaviour
  • Reporting wrongdoing of other staff
  • Bribery, incentives and hospitality
  • Confidential information, data protection and intellectual property rights
  • Restricting employees from working for other employers
  • Working time regulations
  • Right to search
  • Restrictive Covenants including not setting up competing business, copying specialist processes
  • Witness signatory section for Scottish jurisdiction

Need something we haven’t got? In the unlikely event that our contract doesn’t serve you needs, please contact us on 01628 820515 or email us to discuss your requirements.

HRR Version control notes
HRR: cross reference to Equal Opps Policy and Discrim etc. added dec 11. Rolling forward of holiday in sick absence cases for up to 18 months added dec 31st 2011. Social media and various other amends jan 26 2012. Sick pay weeks bug fixed. July 2012 - 2 years in probation clause. Jan 13 - 4 week carry over. Oct 13- inclusion of optional homeworking clause

Single Purchase Price : £45.00 (£54.00 inc VAT @ 20%)

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