About Us

About Us

Since 2002 and going from strength to strength

Since 2002 we've been supporting employers who (in the main) don’t have their own in-house HR. Our clients range from those who just want inexpensive compliance to those who depend on our experience, technology and advice to develop and manage what is often their most expensive business asset – their people. We aim to provide all clients with the confidence to manage their people challenges effectively. Our client fees range from just over £40 a month (compliance should cost no more) to a few hundred pounds a month for larger companies or more complex requirements.

HR support for small business

If you only employ your family you probably don't need it, but otherwise all employers benefit from having access to good quality HR, sometimes through designing relevant and compliant employment contracts (reflective of the business needs) sometimes utilising our expertise to recruit staff more effectively, or to manage performance, attendance or attitude. Things change quickly in business, particularly smaller ones, and from time to time we need to challenge whether we have the right people in the right jobs at the right time, and if the answer is 'no' to make the necessary changes without causing legal risk.

Beware of the HR salesman

We are extremely critical of ‘HR Companies’ who effectively only provide insurance, call centres and document packs and market their services through scare tactics. These companies usually offer very poor value delivered through inexperienced staff and do nothing to address the real issues that will help smaller businesses. When assisting one of our clients with a TUPE transfer, we were very surprised that the 'Senior Employment Advisor' assigned by the other Company's HR Advisors (a market leader) had a total of 6 months HR experience, her previous roles being as a checkout assistant in supermarkets.

HR software

Our cloud-based holiday and absence software supplements our services helping clients streamline processes and cut out administration. There are no set up fees and the system holds personnel records and Company information and policies too.

Back office services

We provide administrative support too – we can for example prepare employment contracts and offers, take references, conduct exit interviews, DBS checks and routine HR paperwork as a standard part of our services. Our trained HR staff ensure these processes are conducted professionally and this releases business owners and managers to focus on running their business.

People management training

We can provide training for people managers in the understanding and use of the comprehensive set of HR policies will supply as a standard part of our services. Training helps build the ability to manage performance more effectively and establishes a company due diligence defence in the process – companies can be held vicariously liable for discriminatory actions of employees, even if they didn’t know about them. Providing training to managers will help a company prove that it did everything reasonably possible to have prevented the issue occurring and hence avoid liability in these cases.

Our history and our people

myHRdept is a family owned company, founded in 2002. Bill Larke is an ex Coca-Cola HR Director and runs the Company with his wife and business partner Catherine (ex Senior HRM RHM). Together with their team, without whom they wouldn't be able to function, they provide up to date HR and employment law support for employers who (in the main) don't have their own in-house HR. People choose myHRdept because they prefer to have a closer relationship with a quality HR company…..and of course because they don’t like spending money with employment lawyers and solicitors! The aim is to help customers build and run long term successful stable businesses through effective and legally compliant people practices – giving business owners and directors the confidence to manage staff effectively. Click here to download a short brochure for our services.

Contact us for a no pressure discussion!

Whether you have a one-off need or want us to take care of your on-going HR requirements, we’re confident we have the solution for you. Please do contact us on 01628 820515, or email us and we’ll call you back. For on-going service packages we may offer a discount for multi year agreements but unlike many of our competitors, we won't insist on a 5 year term - we want our clients to stay with us because they want to!

If you're thinking of outsourcing your HR why not contact myhrdept.co.uk. With full service Premium Plus packages from only £140 per month and fixed price HR support options available for one-off issues, we believe we offer the best combination of quality and price available in the UK. Call us on 01628 820515 to discuss your requirements email us here and we’ll call you back.