Customer service takes top priority in everything we do. The following quotes have been gathered from both recent customers and those we've been working with since launching myhrdept.co.uk over a decade ago.

"We’ve worked with myHRdept on 2 occasions recently, one a sensitive case involving a very senior executive of a client. Their senior consultant attended site at short notice and carried out a thorough investigation & then appraised the NEDs. The consultant was a safe pair of hands and an extremely experienced HR professional. I have no hesitation recommending them."

Hayley Robinson, Employment Partner, McFarlanes LLP, Chancery Lane, London)

"When faced with a challenging HR issue, which evolved out of what seemed at the time a simple investigation, we quickly realised that we needed help to resolve the matter correctly and quickly. I initially email myHRdept and within a few hours had a call back, the team very quickly put me at ease and gave me confidence that they would be able to support us with the issue we had. Bill was excellent; even though he was on holiday at the time he gave me a call and went through all the details. Within 24 hours a conference call was set up and we agreed on the way forward. All the worry and stress was taken off us and Bill and his team provided a great end to end service, even being on call on a Saturday while the meeting was taking place. The final outcome was better than we had hoped and it was down to Bill and his team in a short space of time getting to know us and the challenge we faced."

Vince Quarizzo, Glinton Preschool, April 2017

"One other thing that might be of interest is HR support. As you can imagine, I have worked with many HR people and companies, from qualified lawyers to charlatans (and some people who were both!) and from large companies such as P******** to corporate teams and education unions, dealing with grievances, discipline, redundancies and employment tribunals. I do not often make recommendations, but in terms of HR, I do have a colleague that I cannot recommend highly enough.

His name is Bill Larke, and he set up a company called MyHR to provide an outsourced HR service. This normally includes preparing all the contracts for staff, storing them in a database accessible by MyHR and the company, dealing with grievances, changes to contract etc. What I liked was the very pragmatic approach that Bill had, combining in-depth knowledge of the legislation with the ability to inspire the employees and create positive expectations about their contribution to the business. As this is scalable outsourced support, it does not require a full time employee, but provides annual support based on the number of employees.

I think I will leave the commercial there! (and, no, I do not get commission - it is just the Bill was very helpful to me in a number of complex staffing situations). Do you think it would be worth me introducing you to Bill or arranging a meeting? He is based somewhere West of London but works all over the country. He was for example the HR manager I engaged to work with my organisations in Hull.

(Many thanks for giving us permission to quote this personal recommendation to a colleague - Malcolm Payton, who supplied this quote, was formerly Operations Director for a group of schools and nurseries in the North of England, the first group of schools we supported.)

We found the HR audit session at the start of our contract really useful, not just to identify the areas we needed to work on, but also to discuss the aspects of our business and people that myhrdept could help us with. The session was followed with a clear list of actions which between myhrdept and ourselves we are working through. Our HR advisor is taking the time to work through the contracts and other HR docs to make sure we have a system we’re happy with, and has introduced us to some other potentially useful contacts to help in other areas, e.g. health and safety & payroll.

Sarah Clements, MD, Contender Systems Ltd, an IT business employing 10 staff in Brighton.

We’ve entered into our 3rd service agreement with myhrdept, for another 3 year term. The team have really got to know our business and our managers and have delivered value well beyond our expectations, helping me at a strategic level and providing on the ground support to my team, who have universally praised the service.

James Birch, MD, Heartstone Inns, a food led group of inns employing 180 across South West England

It was a difficult case, involving someone whose repeated mistakes resulted in our company being fined. myhrdept conducted a case analysis and although the person wasn’t yet on a final warning, helped us reach our desired goal. We had tried training and support, but this particular employee wasn’t responding and we felt dismissal was the only way to protect our business. The employee had a history of litigation so we had to tread carefully but with myhrdept’s help we dismissed the employee safely, without being sued or taken to a tribunal. This has taken a huge weight from our business, has lifted morale, and it was something myhrdept gave us the confidence to tackle head on.

Our Client, a business employing 50 and engaged in distribution services, were happy to supply this quote but asked to remain anonymous.

We had a contract with ******* for HR. They were expensive and the advice was patchy – we turned to Bill for advice on difficult issues, even though we had HR cover elsewhere. When the cover ceased we took out a service agreement with myhrdept and we’ve been with them now for 7 years. Excellent service, fast response and in reality they’re part of the team.

Darrel Bluck, MD Adelante Software Ltd, a business supplying payment systems and employing 20 in Berkshire.

Renewing our contract with myhrdept was a very easy decision. It’s a very cost effective way of accessing top quality HR support, and they’re involved routinely in a variety of projects and initiatives. I didn’t want a call centre, I wanted a personal HR relationship with someone I can work with, and with myhrdept that’s what I’ve got.

Stephen Collyer, European MD, Ocean Trawlers, a Seafood business employing 25 in Berkshire and 50 world-wide.

" I have used HRR Solutions for the past 4 years and what a blessing! Running our own small business, the assistance with paperwork, contracts and staff correspondence made life much easier. The easy to follow 'wizards' and 'faqs' were a god send. Then when it really came to it, THEY WERE THERE! Providing help, support and excellent advice every step of the way to ensure that we had the best possible outcome.

We will definitely be using them again! "

Sian Jones
Previously of The Queens Head, West Chiltington. (Sian and her husband are now embarking on a new business venture, and we wish them well!)

"I must say that since we launched the service we have seen an increasing demand for the product…..I suppose it is not surprising that in these days of increasing red tape this should be the case…I can really recommend HRR Solutions (myhrdept.co.uk)."

(John McNamara, former Chief Executive, The British Institute of Innkeeping.)

"I pay my subscription just to make sure that I have the ability to have these conversations with you....and thank goodness I can!"

(owner of a brewing and pub retail company including one of London's best known pubs in Covent Garden)

I really regard you as being my 'HR emergency service". You're always quick to respond and the fact that you are happy to ring me so quickly when I have a staff problem is terrific - many thanks."

(a subscriber for 7 years on the back of a dismissal of an absent employee which we helped facilitate)

"Brilliant...I was at a meeting of other Companies in our sector last week & really recommended they take up your service - you really do go the extra mile with your help and support for us, and thank you so much for assisting us with our latest TUPE issues."

(the Director of a visitor centre in the charitable sector who had recently taken the catering function in house (with all the implications of transfer of employment legislation to deal with))

"That's why we need you! Many thanks to you and Catherine in particular for helping us through the redundancies"

(a well known roofing and building contractor in Wales)

"Many thanks Bill, By the way I have just been using the website to produce some new contracts of employment, just thought I would tell you that I am very impressed by the way in which the site works, the questions and guidance etc. Positively brilliant once you get going. I must admit as someone who is always short on time I did find things a little daunting on first look which is why I had not used the functions before."

"Many thanks again for your quick response."

(the above comment was from an annual subscriber who asked for our assistance with a complex disciplinary matter)

"Hi Bill, Nice to do business with you..!" (A customer with multiple businesses who is on his 10th renewal of his annual subscription!)

"Hi Bill. Thanks for the advice. We have followed your instructions to the letter and will let you know when we receive a reply. Regards" (A customer we assisted over a period of weeks with a potential breach of an employment covenant.)

"Thank you for sending me the appraisal form so quickly. I have now completed the appraisals and found the forms very useful. It gave the staff an opportunity to think about what their needs were and some things were discussed which may not have been in a less structured meeting. Thank you for the excellent service you provide"

(the above customer had requested some help with documentation that we did not already have on the site. We were only too pleased!)

"Thank you for being so prompt! Feedback: a very good and easy to use service, very helpful."

(our annual subscriber was very pleased with the service we had provided him over the years)

Dear Bill. Firstly thank you once again for all your kind assistance with*employee name withheld* – he delivered what amounted to be a letter of resignation – so I did not bother you further.

(we had helped the above subscriber start a performance management programme for a poorly performing employee. Seeing the writing on the wall he resigned. In common with all our annual subscribers, we'll do what we can to help, and if that means having a chat on the phone, or even visiting if we're in town, we're happy to oblige!)

Positive feedback has also been received by clients on Twitter. See what Bluestar Leasing had to say HERE

The following quotes were gathered independently by BII Business magazine. The BII magazine is the journal for British Institute of Innkeeping’s 15,000 members. We were happy to exclusively provide HR support and case management for the BII.

"….tailored to the trade, simple, quick to obtain….a very inexpensive option…"

"….peace of mind to myself and my staff….a superb member benefit and fantastic value for money."

"….it’s the best thing the BII has ever done for its members…"

"In the light of ever changing regulations concerning staff it’s come at the right time and is a huge weight off my mind."

"It’s a very worthwhile package and money well spent."

"The system is easy to use and works well….it takes all the stress out of employment law."

"Superb new member benefit."

"This is a must have – it has my 100% backing and is an excellent service..."

"This is money well spent , I recommend it fully"

"…this is such a fantastic benefit I honestly feel that our objective can be to do without a Human Resources Department altogether…a massive boon to operators with small to medium-sized businesses."